How turfRad works

The Sensors

The turfRad sensors detect root-zone soil moisture without touching the turf. It takes 7 measurements per second, which works out to about a measurement every yard when moving at 18 mph. The sensor is waterproof and rugged, built to be mounted onto utility vehicles and mowers, meaning no extra labor is required.

It uses what’s called an L-band microwave radiometer that measures the intensity of microwaves that are naturally being emitted from the soil. Similar to a thermal camera or nightvision goggles, but operating at a much longer wavelength, turfRad can “see” into the top 4 inches of the soil.

The Software

The turfRad system has an integrated GPS on the sensors. It’s essentially collecting three data points with each measurement; latitude, longitude, and volumetric water content. The data uploads automatically via Wi-Fi when the vehicle returns to the equipment storage location, and is processed into a detailed moisture map within 30 minutes.
turfRad integrates with your irrigation map to provide actionable information.

Actionable Information

Dial-in irrigation 

Statistics inform programming runtimes of individual heads

Inform irrigation maintenance 

Identify issues and irregularities in irrigation system/equipment

Optimize wetting agents 

Identify persistent wet / dry areas to spray flushing / holding agents

Features for Directing Attention
and Monitoring Trends

Features for Directing Attention and Monitoring Trends

Compare View

Our Compare View feature allows superintendents to monitor soil moisture trends by putting daily maps side by side. TurfRad stores data from the first scan, meaning that no day from the past is off-limits


Our Alerts feature calls attention to sprinkler heads that are most in need of being adjusted. Superintendents can set thresholds for what moisture levels (VWC %) are too dry or too wet, and turfRad will highlight those heads with red or blue signals.

Table View

Our Table View feature allows superintendents to sort sprinkler heads by moisture level values. Presented in a classic spreadsheet format, table view quickly calls attention to the areas that are most extremely dry or wet.

Card View

Our Card View feature allows users to visualize a time series over a single fairway to track the impact of adjustments. Relevant statistics are included to provide a holistic perspective on each fairway, all in one window. 

Creating Value

There has never been a more pressing time for golf courses to effectively manage their natural resources. Environmental and financial pressures compel superintendents to maintain a holistic view of their course conditions. With turfRad, golf courses now have the ability to passively collect every time they mow. turfRad makes this data available in near real-time, presenting superintendents with maps and features that guide attention to the areas that are most in need. turfRad signifies a huge step forward in the mapping of soil moisture content that is easy to operate and understand.

We’re proud to share that the number of clubs creating value with turfRad is growing rapidly, as more superintendents put their trust in our technology. Each sensor that is mounted onto the back of a fairway unit collects thousands of root-zone soil moisture measurements per fairway. turfRad also has the ability to integrate maps of the golf course irrigation system. Hovering over a certain sprinkler head will bring up statistics describing soil moisture conditions in the throw radius of that certain sprinkler, including calculations for Average Moisture and Moisture Uniformity.

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