turfRad Technology Put to the Test

No matter how confident we at turfRad are about the accuracy and durability of our technology, we still like to put it to the test. Which is exactly what we did recently through a validation campaign conducted at the Otelfingen Golf Course just a few miles away from our Zurich headquarters.

The purpose of the test was simple; to see how turfRad’s passive microwave technology compared to that employed by TDRs, the earlier generation of moisture sensors. The validation program consisted of taking over 200 TDR measurements over a three-hour period two days after rain at the Otelfingen course. The results of those measurements were then compared with turfRad moisture content measurements over the same ground.


The overall results showed that turfRad matched up well with the soil moisture content measurements from the TDRs. turfRad agreed with the TDR measurements within about 4%, and we obtained very high correlation between the two measurements.


The TerraRad team crafted and carried out the testing with Swiss precision. The exact RTK GPS mapped locations of the sprinklers were used as the base, and measurements were made around the radius of the sprinklers in each direction (North, South, East, West).

On a slightly separate note, we are very fortunate to be able to carry out such tests at the nearby Otelfingen course. While turfRad sensors are in use at some of the most prestigious in the US, we only need to travel a few miles to test our equipment. Thanks to the folks at Otelfingen.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a more in-depth technical analysis of the validation program.